In 2007, I wrote a book of stories set in my hometown of Paradise, CA, and it was published by Small Desk Press in San Francisco. To raise money for victims of the Camp Fire, which decimated the town of Paradise, I am selling the remaining copies of the limited run.

The stories follow the Wrights, a working class family struggling with loss. I tried to capture the feeling of growing up in Paradise, its strange contrasts, its magic, the ways in which living in a “heaven on earth” makes one feel both blessed and cursed.

Now Paradise is gone, destroyed in the Camp Fire, and what the future holds is uncertain.

Like the Wrights, my family is struggling with loss–the traumatic and shocking loss of home and possessions, community and certainty.

I am raising money to help my family and other survivors recover from this devastation. My cousin needs help in raising funds to not only find a new place to live, but so she can continue to provide a loving, safe, and magical childhood for her son, whose birthday was November 8th, the day the Camp Fire destroyed Paradise.

My grandparents cannot replace what they lost in the fire–the photos, mementoes, and family heirlooms–but they are starting over now, and no one can do so alone.

To raise funds for them and others, I am selling copies of PARADISE STORIES via my PayPal account. For $25 I will mail you a copy of the book. For $40 I will send you a signed copy, and for $60 I will include a personalized dedication of your choosing. Obviously, there is no maximum on what can be donated. I am covering the cost of shipping, and all funds from your purchase will go directly to survivors of the Camp Fire.

You can use the PayPal link below to place an order. In the “notes” section please put your address so I can mail you your book.

You can find more information about the book, including a preview, here.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, and please share this throughout your networks.

Thank you,

Dustin Heron